It’s all in a Handpan at Oneness Center sponsors free or donation based monthly open Handpan experiences for all who want to explore community connection through playing this magical instrument. We have plenty of D-Minor Handpans so that we can all play together and in small groups. We also donate our space to professional Handpan artists to give concerts for our community.

Originally called the hang, the Handpan was invented in 2001 by a little company in Switzerland. This amazing instrument is an empowering tool for opening up new pathways in the brain, for connecting to oneself and to others, and for making magical, transformative, joyful music!

After the mass shooting in Orlando in 2016 Ronit prayed that she could have a drum to bring harmony, healing and connection to the world. The next day she saw a Handpan. Since that time she has been passionate about playing the Handpan and about growing a community of Handpan players in NYC and beyond. In 2018 It’s all in a Handpan was born.

We partner with some of the most skilled and experienced Handpan makers in the world to sell brand new Handpans to support our 501c3.  Our partner makers are Isthmus Instruments, Makai Handpans, Axiom Handpans, Nirvana Handpans, Sonidodemano, Hamsa Handpans, Saraz Handpans and WELCOME to our newest amazing maker….Pantheon Steel Halo! 


Come connect yourself and one another in these community building workshops.

The Next Handpan Gathering is TBD

We are so honored to once again host the incredible percussionist, master Handpan player, and world touring professional musician, Dan Mulqueen for his LIVE album release event!

5PM Handpan Jam (all are welcome)
7PM Live concert
$20 at the door

All proceeds from this event go to our guest artist! #supportartists

To make your tax deductible donations to our nonprofit for MORE art, MORE music and MORE infinite possibilities Donate today.

Our Handpan Classes will be resumed in 2021.

You touch the world with your state of being
Even when no one is around, you are still touching the world
Do you touch the world with your heart or with your stuff?
Ronit Singer
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