Oneness Center offers a range of classes, events,  and retreats for all levels, under the guidance of Master Spiritual Teacher Ronit Singer.
Please see below for a list of upcoming classes, and courses in progress.

We live on a sphere that is hanging in mid-air and is spinning at the speed of 1000 miles per hour
So, is your life about safety, or about flying?
The higher you fly, the safer you feel
Kind of like birds
Ronit Singer

Living Oneness (Zoom)

Master Spiritual Teacher, Ronit Singer, continues to donate an hour of her work each week, now with a BRAND NEW FORMAT starting Monday April 12, 2021. This hour long gathering,  will consist of a half hour meditation and a half hour Q and A.

Do you have a question for Ronit? Ask her about meditation, relationships, love, life, or anything at all and each week we will choose a few of your queries for her to speak on. Please submit your questions to 

Monday evenings at 7pm -8pm EST.
FREE on Zoom.

Global Oneness (Zoom)

 Stay tuned to learn more about the beginning of this offering.

Being in Ronit’s energy is a true gift! Even in a chat room across the globe, she has the ability to connect with us and bring healing energy to the fields of our connection. Ronit is humble, generous, wise and powerful. Don’t miss this opportunity to come experience the glow of her grace.

Handpan Jams

Each month we open our doors to the NYC Handpan community to come and play FREE in an open JAM session. We have plenty of DMinors to share.

Our handpan gatherings will resume in 2021. 

Advanced Embodiment Yoga℠ Retreat

Each year Ronit offers a weeklong retreat in beautiful places in the world. This year’s retreat is on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

This retreat has been postponed, to be resumed in 2022.

The Self

The self is a tapestry of ideas, beliefs and concepts one identifies with and lives by, the foundation of how one perceives reality. One cannot master the self until one realizes the self. The first step in realizing the self is seeing and owning the building blocks of one’s reality.


Using sprits presence and universal intelligence, this class teaches how to read bodies, how to dialogue with bodies and how to heal/balance yours and other bodies.

Empowerment Program

Creating personal and universal experiences from empowered spaces of clarity, connection, and wisdom.


Stepping more and more into your powerful, you are invited to deepen your connection with your inner experience and strengthen your expression in this world.

Meditative Handpan Course

An in-depth focus on improving your skillset as a musician and on your ability to express your spirit and soul through music, touch and rhythm.

Embodiment Yoga℠
Moving Into Self Realization

Ronit teaches the equation of 4 realities…body, knowing, big picture and energies. She shows her students how to realize and flow these realities in a non-mental way, into a life that is inspiring and ever evolving.

Stillness In Motion

This course is about going into the depths and heights of your being, liberating and melting physical, emotional and mental wounds and embodying spirits presence. This is a 10 session course for advanced students. Beginning February 26th

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Private Session Payments

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