“…Through [Ronit Singer’s teaching] Embodiment Yoga℠ we learn to bridge between Cognitive Realizations and Body’s Perceptions. We learn the language of the body, as the body teaches us the nature of things in a state beyond words. Once the dynamics between body and brain are flowing, your life and the stars become one, not through thoughts, but through entering magical spaces you never noticed before.”

Embodiment Yoga℠ is a meditative movement practice that can take you beyond cognitive perceptions. It is not about how flexible you are or how many years you have practiced yoga, it is embodying the dance of life; a state where body, spirit, space, time, thoughts, movements, life, universe and all else come together. You master Embodiment Yoga℠ as you master your life. 

Ronit’s Embodiment Yoga℠ courses and open workshops incorporate creative expression practices as a vehicle to awareness. She guides people in working with painting, collage, writing, movement, project development and the making of music to express their unique and powerful voices into the world.

Ronit also conducts one on one spiritual teaching and personal transformational private sessions. She has an innate ability to facilitate experiences where mental, emotional and other blocks can shift and release, so that one can attain their ultimate expression in this world. Ronit’s sessions are completely booked, please contact to join the waiting list. Priority is given to students enrolled in Oneness Center Courses.


Come learn more about this work in the next open event with Master Spiritual teacher, Ronit Singer

Your body is made of this creation
it’s made of minerals, metals and stardust
Learning the language of your body
Is a gateway to realizing yourself
Ronit Singer
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