Ronit Singer is a Master Spiritual Teacher who has dedicated her life to guiding individuals on their path of spiritual development since 2001. She possesses a unique ability to reach and inspire people. She sees them beyond their perceived limitations and assists them to step into their own mastery and stand in their light. Her natural gifts as a Spiritual Master are apparent by the life-changing transformations people have experienced as a direct result of working with her.

In 2011, Singer created Embodiment Yoga℠, a practice of embodying awakened and enlightened states of awareness. Many Oneness Center students have credited Embodiment Yoga℠  to a complete transformation of their lives and states of being. Hear some of their stories.

Michelle runs and manages all in house operations for Oneness Center. She is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor, teaching Embodiment Yoga℠ movement in all of the classes, retreats and workshops. She recently developed and led the first Embodiment Yoga℠ Teacher Training program with Ronit.

Michelle produces all of the Oneness Center events, including the annual Embodiment Yoga retreats held all over the world. 


Since early 2000, Dafna has dedicated herself to working with Ronit and Oneness Center, doing anything that needs doing.  Her primary responsibility is to liaison between Ronit and the students.  She books classes and meditations and works on helping to maintain our databases, and private session calendar.


I see you soaring to new heights and then crushing under your fears
It’s hard to bridge between terrified and strong
I hold you in a space of infinite possibilities
Ronit Singer
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